Medical Abortion in Canada: Legal and best pills

Mifegymiso Canada abortion pills

Medical Abortions (The Abortion Pill) – Mifegymiso

The Abortion Pill – Mifegymiso (Mifepristone/Misoprostol) was approved in Canada in July of 2015. The Abortion Pill has been successfully and safely used in Europe since 1988. We have several better pills and FDA approved which comes from many sources in India. We deliver with DHL or FedEx using express shipping. A-kare kit, Mifegest kit, Cipla MTP kit, etc are some alternative pills for Mifegymiso pack.

Abortion with the Abortion Pill – Mifegymiso is an alternative method for ending an early pregnancy up to 63 – 130 days. Taking the Abortion Pill DOES NOT involve a surgical procedure or sedation.

The pill also allows a woman to have an abortion in the comfort and privacy of their own home or work place.

The way that Mifepristone works – is by blocking the hormone progesterone, a hormone naturally needed by the body to maintain an early pregnancy. It causes an early pregnancy to stop growing and detach from the uterine wall.

The Abortion Pill works naturally by ending an early pregnancy, similar to an early miscarriage. Another hormone – prostaglandin, has to be taken 2 days after Mifepristone to assure expulsion of the gestational sac.

99% of women choosing the pill require only no appointment and we deliver them to all clinics in Canada and US.

A follow-up blood test to measure whether the pill was successful or not is done at a local lab.

Once we have received your results and assess them, we will follow up with you over the phone.

You cannot buy the abortion pill online or through a pharmacy. Only specially trained doctors in abortion care can purchase and dispense Mifegymiso (The Abortion Pill).

Our clinic doctors and nurses are specially trained in abortion care and we have superior knowledge and many years of experience.

 The Abortion Pill (Mifegymiso) is a three-step process:

Step 1:

On the first day, you will take the first medication Mifepristone. Mifepristone will destabilize the lining of your uterus and end the pregnancy. You cannot reverse the effects of the medication once you take it.

Step 2:

The second day of 4 pills, Misoprostol, are taken at home, 24-48 hours later. Misoprostol tablets cause the uterus to contract and evacuate the pregnancy naturally.

Step 3:

The follow up is blood work that is done at a local lab (ex: Dynacare or Lifelabs) to measure whether the pill was successful or not.

The Abortion Pill (Mifegymiso) is up to 95-98% effective. If the Abortion Pill is not successful, you need to buy another pack.