What is Spam mails? In the rapid communication by using computers, “spam” word indicates to unwanted or uninvited bulk messages, usually sent in a money making or profitable purpose. People who are usually sending these kinds of mails are called Spammers. They assemble all the information of customers such as email addresses from social networking sites. Customers should use Anti-spam software or they can use spam filters in order to avoid them.   Anti-spam Policy Our buymtpkit.com website maintains the company standards for our customers. So that they don’t receive any spam mails from our site. We don’t share any information of our clients with our subsidiaries.Few points of our Anti-spam policy;
  • No promotional emails: Our website doesn’t send any kind of profitable or money making advertising emails and product marketing promotion emails. Our clients allow us to send emails or call by providing their email addresses and their phone numbers.
  • Amendments in policy: If our website will do any amendments in anti-spam policies then we automatically updated our customers through mails, message or phone.
  • No undesired emails: We always take care of our customers’ information of our at any cost. So the chances of getting unwanted emails or uninvited emails to our clients are reduced.