Student using Modafinil

Modafinil has given me the ability to not only work longer, but also better. I have now been able to maintain a work life balance whilst still dealing with a very demanding workload associated with Physics. The first time I heard about Modafinil was almost two years ago as a fresher after stumbling across an article online. I was fascinated and researched it to within an inch of my life, and made an order.


When they arrived I had already set up a schedule of what I needed to get done today, so I would not get distracted (I normally manage to work in 45 – 60 blocks If I’m lucky). I took one and started working, next thing I know 5 hours had passed and I’d already got an entire days work done, without fatigue.

For my entire life I’ve struggled with procrastination and laziness but this was different, like a switch in my head. As a Science student I have weekly academic commitments, which made it hard to maintain the quantity of nights out and fun I prefer. So to keep up with my studies I started taking 200mg around once a week, and managed to get everything out of the way in one go. It was great, and I could definitely feel a subtle yet noticeable difference in my recall.

At the time I was working 3 shifts a week as a Barman at a busy club not getting to sleep until around 6 am, and having to be up at 8:30 to get to my morning tutorial. This was where I really saw the power this drug could give me. When I would normally be barely functional if not asleep at my desk, I was at peak performance. With these observations I had assumed there would be occasions where I would have had trouble sleeping, but the day never came. The real test however, came during exam season.

I started taking it daily and have never got more work done in my life. I was able to absorb and recall significantly more information than I had ever done before. But this wasn’t completely without side effects, frequent trips to the toilets were had, and an increased appetite (which interestingly seems to be opposite to most anecdotal reports) but these were hardly problems at all. The next academic year really gave me the chance to learn a lot more than I feel I could have ever done without it, especially with my natural attitude towards work, on a normal day knuckling down seems like the hardest thing in the world, but with Modafinil It didn’t bother me, there wasn’t necessarily a feeling of enjoyment but just a notion of “lets just get shit done”.

My only main negative seems to have come from tolerance issues during daily used, but just taking a short break resets this so what more can you say?

Lazy man turned productive….

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