Mifepristone Abortion Kit Saves Women from Early Pregnancy

Today, pregnancy termination can be done both at clinic or home. With availability of termination tablets over various sources, the costs to the procedure have decreased immensely. Especially Mifepristone cost is negligible when compared to surgical procedure, travel involved to clinic, hospital fee etc. Thus, many are preferring mifepristone medication method for abortion than surgery.

The former has around 95% success rate, and can be done to end 4 to 9 week old pregnancy. These tablets are used in more than 85 countries around the world, as per a healthcare industry report. The Mifepristone price may vary according to the course it is obtained from.

Only contraindication to Mifepristone abortion method is that it cannot be utilized by those allergic to products, over 35 years of age, having serious health issues, breastfeeding, or with extra-uterine pregnancy. Otherwise healthy individuals can access the tablets without concerns.

DIY Medical Abortion at Home

Intake of anti progesterone tablets detaches fetus from womb’s endometrium lining. The pregnancy parts begin disintegrating, and the womb contractions allow the pregnancy particles to successfully evict. Bleeding from Mifepristone abortion pill is heavy, and recedes to spotting when womb empties out.

Within 30 minutes or few hours from consuming prostaglandin tablets, the cramps and bleeding begin. In early stages of the pregnancy ending, the fetus evicted may not be visible to naked eyes, as the particles are too small. These are passed out with blood clots on use of Mifepristone. For e.g. a six week old embryo is like size of rice grain.

But that in 8th week is of kidney bean size. Fetus of 10 to 12 weeks old is 1 to 3 inches long. If the pregnancy is more than 9 weeks then more tablets would be needed for termination. Thus, it could raise the amount spent on regimen on the whole, yet Mifepristone price is not much, so the person can be worry less.

Duration of Pregnancy Ending Regimen

Most of the terminations in early gestation period occur in few hours of few days from taking prostaglandin tablets. But anti-progesterone pills are also needed to complete the regimen. Thankfully, Mifepristone cost is economical, and the tablet is widely available along with prostaglandins.

In 2 weeks the early pregnancy ends on use of tablets. On the 14th day of regimen, the woman must get womb graphical ultrasound imaging done to know the results of abortion. If Mifepristone abortion pill is not able to end pregnancy, then surgical method has to be utilized to remove fetal sections.

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