Anti-Anxiety Medication

Anti-Anxiety or Anxiolytic medication is a tranquilizer that triggers oppressive mechanism against anxiety in the central nervous system, by slowing down the activity of brain chemicals thereby establishing the desired effect. Traditional anti-anxiety medications like Benzodiazepines are considered to very effective in offering proactive relief from anxiety and panic attacks. Perhaps, the unique potential of Benzodiazepines lies in its ability to offer relief within thirty minutes’ time. Research go on to say that, these medications work wonders when it consumed right exactly at the time of panic attacks or during an anxiety episode. Generally speaking, Benzodiazepines relaxes and calms the brain to bring a person back to the normal state. Some of the popular Benzodiazepine medications are Xanax (Alprazolam), Valium (Diazepam), Klonopin (Clonazepam) and Ativan (Lorazepam).


Xanax is the most powerful of all Benzodiazepine medication launched in the year 1976. People who are affected of Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder can buy Xanax online and start getting treated at the initial stage, so as to get the necessary cure in the long run. In addition to its anti-anxiety property, Xanax also has other properties like that of a muscle relaxant, anti-convulsant and sedative features. This medication should be taken only for a short-term. Xanax eases out tensed feelings, nervousness and worries that pop up as a result of nerve disorders. Since it is an intermediate-acting drug the effects can be felt any time between 30 – 90 minutes of time. Xanax generic and brand Xanax, both the forms of medications are valiant enough to battle anxiety conditions and offer necessary relief.


Valium is the widely prescribed anti-anxiety medication that has the capacity to treat various conditions such as anxiety disorders, panic disorders, alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasms, and seizures. The generic Diazepam present in this medication sedates the person and relaxes the muscles. Valium is a sedative agent, as well as a central nervous system depressant. One can buy Valium online for anxiety relief as it has minimal side effects compared to other anti-anxiety medications. Individuals suffering from anxiety should take a dose in the range of 2-10 mg in frequent intervals. People with muscle spasms and convulsive disorder conditions should be administered doses in the range of 2-10 mg four times a day, and for alcohol withdrawal the dosage should be restricted to 10 mg, administered four times a day with the gap between the starting dose and the ensuing doses should be 24 hours. Generic Valium is available in dosage strengths of 1 mg and 2 mg.


Klonopin is yet another anti-anxiety medication that offers the best relief from General Anxiety Disorder conditions (GAD). This medication can be administered on “as needed” and as well as on “everyday” basis too. Individuals who are administering this medication on “as needed” basis should take it twice a week only. The kick off effect can be felt in 30 minutes. One can buy Klonopin and take the medication by following the prescription guidelines given in the prescription label. Clonazepam is popular among the students too, as it relieves them from situation anxiety especially while gearing up for multiple presentations in the classrooms and at the time of preparing for examinations. The genuine version of Clonazepam can be obtained from Klonopin online pharmacy.


Lorazepam, the generic medication of Ativan was introduced in the year 1977 for treating Anxiety disorders. It is a short-term treatment recommended for insomnia, acute seizures, and also acts as a sedative agent. Ativan is a highly potent drug which should not be taken for more than four weeks. Ativan is also used for premedication treatment as it hinders new memory formation through which it brings down the agitated feelings and anxiety levels. Lorazepam is one among the fast-reacting anti-anxiety pills. The anticonvulsant property of this medication makes it ideal for treating convulsive status epilepticus. In fact, Ativan is considered to be more powerful in treating status epilepticus than diazepam. Generally, people buy Ativan online to treat agitated individuals as it possesses rapid sedation properties.

Effective Tests For Erectile Dysfunction

To diagnose an erectile dysfunction, usually a check up is not enough. There are various tests needed to be done to successfully reveal the root cause of the disorder. The following are as follows:

Blood Hormone Studies

Prolactin levels and testosterone are measured to check if there are abnormalities in either of these two sex hormones.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

This set of blood tests can detect anemia. Anemia indirectly causes erectile dysfunction as this condition is caused by fatigue, a byproduct of anemia.

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT)

This kind of test aims to see and measure a man’s erectile functions while asleep. Lack of erections while you are sleeping spells a problem with circulation or nerve function disorders. This test makes use of two methods. The first one which is the snap gauge method is done by wrapping three plastic bands with different strengths around the penis. The erectile function will be measured based on which of the three bands breaks.

On the other hand, the second method is the strain gauge method. It is performed by placing elastic bands around the base and the tip of the penis. The erectile function is measured in the change in penile circumference if ever an erection occurred during that night.

Bulbocavernosus Reflex

This kind of test takes note of the nerve sensation building around the penis. During the test, there should be an immediate reaction from your rectum as the head of your penis is squeezed. If there is delayed or no reaction at all, then it is an indication of an abnormal nerve function.


Erectile dysfunction can also be diagnosed through urinalysis. Submitting a sample of your urine to the laboratory will enable them to get information on the level of sugar, protein and testosterone. These substances are indicators of diabetes, testosterone deficiency and kidney disease – all that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Duplex Ultrasound

This kind of test may be considered as the best test to evaluate erectile dysfunction. The ultrasound is used to evaluate blood flow and check for the signs of tissue scarring, venous leak or artherosclerosis. This is performed both while the penis is erect, aided by an injection of a erectile stimulating drug, and when it is soft.

Penile Biothesiometry

This kind of test uses electromagnetic vibration that aims to determine nerve function and sensitivity. Nerve damage can be detected if there are manifestations of decreased sensitivity to vibrations.