Abortion Pill Pack US

abortion pills USA

Pregnancy Ending Without Side Effects

When faced with an unwanted pregnancy, either you can choose to carry out a full birth, or end the same. If your choice is the latter, then there is nothing as easy as abortion pills pack to terminate a pregnancy in early stages (4 to 12 weeks gestation).

The kit contains medicines approved by the FDA to remove fetus, just like a natural miscarriage without causing any complications. By using the tablets, you can expect safe and speedy eviction of fetus within 2 weeks, and enjoy a surgery less procedure right at your home. The product is also available at many internet pharmacies.

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The pack consists of five types of medicines. Two most important medications are Mifepristone (progesterone hormone blocker) and Misoprostol (prostaglandin), which are utilized to terminate the pregnancy. The other three tablets are side effect controller or reliever. Though medical procedure does not include much of ill consequences, it may produce few mild side effects, and the product kit has pills that work as blood coagulant, anti-inflammatory, and antiemetic. Only women who are not allergic to these tablets should choose medical process to end pregnancy.

Dosage and Working of Abortion Pills

NOTE: As fetus age progresses, more than one abortion pill pack may be required to successfully end a pregnancy. Check with a health professional as to how many tablets of each medication would be needed for fulfilling your purpose. Generally, two medication kits may be needed for pregnancy aged over 5 weeks.

Day 1: Begin with consumption of 1 tablet (200mg) of Mifepristone orally with water. It can be taken on empty stomach. But can be also used after a light meal. The medicine has synthetic steroids that act as progesterone blocker in shedding uterine implantation tissue. This uterus lining actually holds the fetus in place, which after medication’s action detaches and does not receive supply of oxygen/nutrition etc. Also, the product dilates cervix, which is helpful for expelling pregnancy parts quickly without much pain.

Day 2 or 3: After two to three days of ingesting anti-progesterone, begin with 4 tablet dose of Misoprostol pills. Each tablet has strength of 200mcg, which needs to be put under tongue and then consumed (later to half an hour) after these melt away. The prostaglandin ingredients act to produce womb contractions that make fetal remains to oust from womb, and get evicted successfully from vagina. You can expect heavy bleeding passing clots and fetal parts initially for few hours after taking these tablets. But, the bleeding recedes and comes to an end in few days or a month of procedure’s end.
Managing Side Effects (If Any) With Tablets

As discussed that abortion inducing medicines may cause few side effects, the kit in concern can easily deal with the same, by reducing their implications, meeting a painless and satisfactory procedure. Here are the remaining medication dosage and working, which you can use, only if relevant side effects are observed.

Ondansetron / Zofran: If you feel nauseas or vomit, then take this 4mg pill to cope with nausea and vomiting. The tablet contains chemicals, which control such ill tendencies from occurring.

Flexon – MR: Due to womb contractions and fetus eviction, you get abdomen cramps (mild to moderate). By taking Flexon-MR, you will get muscle relaxing effect on affected body parts, so there would be no more painful muscle spasm or discomforts.

Ethamsylate: Consume 250mg of this tablet, which works as haemostatic agent in coping with excessive blood loss during an abortion. Ethamsylate controls bleeding from capillaries, and provides instant relief.

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